Option Green

Option Green is a lecture series exploring local to global environmental topics.

Co-sponsored with the East Brunswick Public Library.

 All programs begin at 7 p.m, at The Library

Admission is free.



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September 20: Seed Saving Basics with Middlesex County Master Gardeners



April 19:  Intelligent Recycling, Supply Chain Archaeology and Urban Agriculture

In a world of over 7 billion people, can individuals really make a difference in combating climate change and other environmental impacts?

Dr. Kevin Lyons of Rutgers University, who studies the local and global impacts of how products move from raw materials through consumption, will discuss his research on supply chain archaeology and the practical solutions that can be implemented on the local level at the East Brunswick Public Library at 7 p.m., Thursday, April 19.
Lyons is an associate professor of Supply Chain Management and director of Public-Private Community Partnerships at the Rutgers Business School in Newark. He also is associate director of the Rutgers Energy Institute and the Rutgers EcoComplex.
He developed the Supply Chain Environmental Archaeology research program and lab at Rutgers, which studies the entire life of a product from its creation to consumption and its contribution to climate change.
His lecture, “Intelligent Recycling, Supply Chain Archaeology and Urban Agriculture,” will look at his research, which includes the integration of sustainable development and diversity criteria into local and global supply chain management systems, processes and operations.




The Friends of the East Brunswick Environmental Commission and East Brunswick Public Library have been awarded a 2017 Environmental Achievement Award by the Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions (ANJEC) for their jointly sponsored Option Green lecture series.







Past events (since 2017)

March 29, 2018: East Brunswick’s Butterflies from Azure to Zabulon (and some moths too!) David Moskowitz, PhD will present a fun, photo-filled program on the Butterflies of East Brunswick and the East Brunswick Township-wide Butterfly Survey initiated in 2017. East Brunswick has a rich butterfly (and moth) fauna owing to its diverse habitats that range from the expansive pinelands of Jamesburg Woods, to the large meadows of Heavenly Farms, to the vast freshwater tidal marshes of Keystone Park along the South River, plus forested wetlands, streams, and even beautifully planted yards. Come enjoy an evening of dazzling butterflies and moths that is sure to surprise everyone by what is in our town!     

February 13, 2018: "Chasing Coral" Movie screening and discussion USA. 2017. 93 minutes. Not Rated. Coral reefs around the world are vanishing at an unprecedented rate. A team of divers, photographers and scientists set out on a thrilling ocean adventure to discover why and to reveal the underwater mystery to the world. The screening will be followed with a discussion led by Liti Haramaty of Rutgers University.      More about the movie  More information about the screening at the Library - click here. Flyer - PDF JPG   Facebook event

Wednesday, November 8: Geocaching - A Modern-Day Treasure Hunt  Steve and Jessica Godun are a father-daughter team who have been geocaching under the username "JessicasDaddy". This presentation will introduce people to the activity known as "geocaching," a modern day treasure hunt with over three million geocaches hidden across the world.   Facebook event    Flier     News release

October 18, 2017  Birding in East Brunswick Steven Albert has been an avid birder for over 50 years, ever since a Downy woodpecker in a tree in his apartment courtyard caught his eye. He's lived in East  Brunswick for 30 years and frequently birds around town, and in his backyard.  As a member of the East Brunswick Environmental Commission he's been leading bird walks around town in the winter and spring. East Brunswick has a variety of habitats, from the grassy meadows of Heavenly Farms to the woodlands of Dallenbachs and small woodlots everywhere.  There are the open spaces of Edgeboro Landfill and its surrounding marshes, the lakes and ponds of Dallenbachs, Farrington, and Abraham Shalit Park.  Our town hosts a surprising variety of summer breeders, overwintering raptors and waterfowl, migrants and local residents.  Join him for a visual tour of these local birding hotspots and some of the more than 200 species that have been observed in East Brunswick.  Facebook event    Flier   News release

September 19, 2017  Discovering Natural NJ:  from High Point to Cape May with Jim Peck. Jim Peck will show his photos and discuss beautiful and little known natural areas found all across our diverse state. He has traveled through NJ for the past 12 years exploring and writing the Trail Mix nature column for the Home News Tribune. He has also visited 49 states with just North Dakota to go. Facebook event  News release   Flier

August 2, 2017 Honeybee Basics, An EB Public Library event, co-sponsored with the Friends EBEC. Find out what all the buzz is about in a ceybee hive! Join beekeeper Angela Juffey as you discover the social structure of these valuable pollinators, their process of making honey, and the role of the beekeeper (which may be YOU someday), in maintaining the balance.

July 2017 -  Reading to Action, An EB Public Library event, co-sponsored with the Friends EBEC.

July 26 - Unstoppable Book Discussion          July 29, 10 am - Park Cleanup at Heavenly Farms

May 24, 2017 - New Jersey’s Climate Variability and Change New Jersey State Climatologist and Rutgers Geography Professor David Robinson will discuss what’s happening to New Jersey’s climate in an era of heightened interest in climate change, its causes and impacts.   Click here for flier    Click here for Facebook event

April 26, 2017 - Hydroculture Stephanie Alea, a field researcher in the Department of Plant Biology at Rutgers, will discuss hydroculture – growing plants in a soil-free medium. She holds a bachelor’s degree in plant science from Rutgers and managed the display greenhouse at International Flavors and Fragrances, where she gained experience in hydroculture. She also holds a master’s in public health in epidemiology from Florida International University.   Click here for flier     Click here for Facebook event

March 29, 2017 -  Salamander Migration East Brunswick Environmental Commission Chairman Dr. David Moskowitz will discuss the annual migration of salamanders, an important ecological event. After noticing that salamanders were crossing Beekman Road in large numbers on rainy, early spring evenings to lay their eggs in vernal pools on the other side, Moskowitz urged the creation of the East Brunswick Vernal Pool Protection Plan, which features annual closures of Beekman Road to allow these amphibians to safely reach their breeding habitats. Each year, these closures draw people from throughout the area to observe this natural phenomenon.   Click here for flier              Click here for Facebook event

Past events

The Nature of the Meadowlands - With author Jim Wright 2013

Rain barrel workshop

Soil and soil science for gardeners 2012

Moth night with seabrooke lackie  2012

Green Purchasing with Dr. Kevin Lyons

Save our salamanders.

Wild New Jersey with author David Wheeler

Owls of NJ

Option green welcome to your foodshed 2011

Know the bear facts

Butterflies of EB 2011

Bag It – movie screening

Gardening in small spaces 2011





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