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Updates on salamander migration & road closing 2015  click here

Join us at  Beekman Road to see salamanders and frogs cross the road to get to the vernal pools. 

Updates on road closing on the Friends' blog, Facebook and Twitter.


Beekman Road vernal pools

Our salamanders migrate when the weather gets warmer in the spring.  We expect them to come out during a rainy night when the temperature is over 40F, usually in late March to early April. Read more

Why close the road?  To protect migrating salamanders and frogs as they move across Beekman Road to their breeding vernal pools. Read more

How do we decide when to close the road? How well have we been predicting migration? Are efforts working? Our efforts are working very effectively to restore and conserve the Beekman Road spotted salamanders for future generations and to ensuring that they will continue to be a part of our fauna.  Read more


If the road is closed and you come out at night, please be aware that Church Lane is very dark and cars move at fast speeds. Use extreme caution when parking or crossing the road and especially be watchful of your children. NEVER WALK BEEKMAN ROAD AT NIGHT IF THE ROAD IS NOT CLOSED - IT IS NOT SAFE!!! If you come to the road, EVERYONE should have a flashlight. It will help see things in the dark, make the night much more fun and prevent accidentally stepping on a salamander or spring peeper.

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GPS Directions - 'intersection of Church Lane and Beekman Road, East Brunswick, NJ'


Beekman Road, East Brunswick in a larger map

NJDEP Award to East Brunswick  (Middlesex)
Commissioner Bradley Campbell honored the East Brunswick Middlesex) Environmental Commission with the Environmental excellence Healthy Ecosystems award in November 2005. Co-sponsored by NJDEP, the New Jersey Corporation for Advanced technology and the New Jersey eague of Municipalities, the award ecognized their Beekman Road vernal Pool Protection Plan, which aims to minimize contact between mphibians and automobiles, and heir creation of New Jersey’s first butterfly park.


 A Resolution in Support of the Efforts of the East Brunswick Environmental Commission's Beekman Road Vernal Pool Protection Plan (Amphibian Road Kill Reduction Plan) was signed by the Mayor and Town Council on December 19th, 2011.

NJ DEP Fish & Wildlife division - link to 

Vernal Pool Project


Spotted salamander distribution map

Facts about Spotted salamanders from National Geographic, and National Geographic kids.


News videos and articles about East Brunswick salamanders - click here.


We can't speak Salamander, but our friend Crinkleroot can. 

But even Crinkleroot cannot predict when the salamanders will start migrating to the vernal pool.  Read updates on the Friends blog where we discuss the weather and conditions for amphibian migration. 


How things change... See aerial photos of Beekman Road area from 1930 and from 2007  

Thanks to mapping guru Dan Brill for making these maps. 

These two aerial photographs seem to tell an interesting story about the Beekman Road vernal pools and the annual spring salamander migration we have observed over the past 8 years.  Read more

Salamander crossing video

Kelly Rypkema made this video about the  Amphibian Crossing Project, a program coordinated by the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ.  Kelly is a biologist and host of the video series Nature in a New York Minute. For nature news and events, follow Kelly on Facebook or Twitter, or subscribe to her blog.

If we could speak Salamander...

We can't speak Salamander, but our friend Crinkleroot can. 

Read what Jim Arnosky, the creator of Crinkleroot, and a very well-known award winning author of science and nature books for children says about our amphibian protection project.  Read the letter here

"Salamander blog" - updates on salamander migration, predictions, and road closing. What do you think? Please send your comments.

The story [in pictures] of Beekman Road Vernal Pools  


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